Guts Improv Beginner's Workshop

Guts Improv Beginner's Workshop

Schedule: 2004/10/20-11/24 Every Wednesday 7:30-10:00PM
Place: Administration Building 2nd Floor, Hua Shan Cultural and Creative Industry Center
Host by: Guts Improv Theatre
Tuition: $600 for six classes
Registration: The class size is limited. To register your spot, send your name and phone number to gutsimprov@yahoo.com.tw

Coach: Hsiao-Hsien Wu/ MFA in Theatre Management, Florida State University/ Studied at Bay Area Theatresports, San Francisco.

About the Workshop:
Improvisational Theatre is a theatre format without scripts and rehearsals. The actors go on the stage without any idea what they are going to perform. It sounds scary. But actually we all know how to improvise, that is how we get through the day to day life without knowing what is going to happen. Guts Improv Theatre is going to show you the most adventurous theatre format in the world through this workshop.

The beginner's workshop is all about unleashing your innate guts. We will introduce "what is improv" and teach you improv vocabularies. You'll play a lot of games. Some of the lessons of this six-week course: Pay attention and listen. Start positive. Dare to be dull. Make your partners look good. Accept your own ideas. Accept your partners' and the audience's ideas. Enjoy and celebrate the failure. Have fun!

This is an involving, fun class, which gives you the opportunities to perform in a friendly atmosphere. Are you an experienced performer or have you ever been on stage? Regardless of your experience, background or training, we think everybody can benefit from studying improv. And you'll be amazed at how the lessons apply to your life both on and off stage.

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Hey. I stumbled across your blog . . . it's nice to see there's another improvisor in Taipei! My name is Brian Phillips and I am an American living in Taipei (been in Taiwan since 1989). I use improvisation as part of my teaching method at National Chengchi University. I have an MA from PSU in Theatre and my doctoral dissertation from NTU was on Interactive Drama. My improv sites are at http://phillips.personal.nccu.edu.tw/index.html (there are three subsites on improvisation on the main page among a ton of others). Does your group have a webpage or regular performances anywhere? I would love to know more. Drop me a line if you'd like to chat . . . my email is phillips@nccu.edu.tw . . . . all the best, Brian.